Specialist Technical Solutions (STS)



We deliver reliable, consistent technical solutions in the following areas:-

Completions, Commissioning & Start Up Services

  • Development of commissioning strategy

HOW: Typically supported by an integrated management team of discipline SME’s and commissioning management personnel; Ad hoc client support; Provision of Project Management Team personnel

WHY: Reduce the amount of man-hours spent on site through advanced planning from multi-discipline subject matter experts; Identifies issues that have the capacity to impact the path of commissioning; Kentech can offer an extensive network of high caliber professionals which can be placed into Client organisations.

  • Deployment of STS CommissionabilityTM Process

HOW: A bespoke process that assesses inputs from FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Construction to identify opportunities and issues that will impact project objectives including safety, quality, cost, and schedule.

WHY: Provides an audit on the status of commissioning against best practice

  • Completing systems completions readiness reviews

HOW: SMEs who have the capability to advise and guide as well as identify critical components in the path of commissioning; Supported if required by a suite of standardized commissioning documents built on in-house commissioning toolkits

WHY: Ensures that the necessary inputs for successful commissioning are in place; Provides a full suite of documents such as check sheets / procedures

  • Development of commissioning / start up procedures

HOW: Discipline Subject Matter Experts (SME’s); User Friendly Procedural Documents

WHY: Proven methodologies for practical execution of best practice in commissioning and start up

  • Systems completions database management

HOW: Systems and Data SME’s; SCDB Admin Personnel; Suite of automated aoftware tools using API’s (Application Programming Interface)

WHY: Provides a robust interrogation of the quality of data received from EPC smart plant tools; Effective management of change enabling commissioning to plan and adapt effectively; Assures quality of data driving the schedule and execution in the field

  • Factory acceptance testing 

HOW: Planning and Attendance at FATs with commissioning interface specifically designed to advance preparation for commissioning IFAT (Integrated FAT)

WHY: Vendors are advised on the requirements for commissioning such that site activity can be reduced where possible

  • Preservation management & execution

HOW: Monitoring and  protecting equipment, ensuring the correct  operating parameters are  maintained and  accounting for  climatic   site  conditions

WHY: Equipment is maintained to enable seamless start up and operation

  • Systems completions

HOW: Ensuring that the interface with construction and engineering is embedded in the commissioning process; Review systems completion progress in a structured manner, identifying issues such as material procurement, deficiency, punch list clearing activity and sequence of schedule

WHY: The commissioning group critical path priorities are highlighted and driven to completion; Facilitate the commencement of pre-commissioning and commissioning activity in the most efficient manner

  • Provision of multidiscipline commissioning technicians

HOW: High caliber personnel with extensive commissioning background; Training and Development programs

WHY: Highly skilled resources with the ability to address the dynamic nature of field commissioning activity

  • Commissioning work pack preparation

HOW: Advanced planning and 3D modelling incorporated into detailed work packs

WHY: Improving field productivity; Reducing documentation in the field

  • Static & dynamic commissioning works

HOW: Procedural driven execution and standardization of deliverable templates; Detailed procedures written by STS Functional SME’s detailing the steps to execute dynamic commissioning and introducing fluids into the commissioned systems

WHY: Best practice in commissioning activity through predesigned commission toolkits enabling more efficient site execution

  • Start up support

HOW: SME’s with extensive plant start up experience; Skilled resources with vendor and operator levels of experience

WHY: Provides the client with confidence in readiness for operations; Educates the plant operators on the optimum operating parameters and fault finding methodologies

PMC Support Services

Kentech have active Master Services Agreements in place with Exxon Mobil, BP and Chevron TCO for the provision of management services (PMC) for completions and commissioning work scopes. Working on an integrated basis we have supported PMC oversight on a number of contracts. Our commissioning management personnel have worked for and on behalf of these major owner operators as well as large EPC’s.

Our PMC service is based on the provision of high caliber technical personnel to support clients in project delivery in both a completions and commissioning environment. Kentech have the capacity to retain top industry talent through our Centre of Excellence, extensive network of over 4,000 globally, supported further by an extensive database talent pool of personnel. Our site level support has project management expertise with experience and familiarity with client standards and processes.

Kentech commissioning management personnel are highly experienced in managing the PMC of systems completions scopes of work. We have taken on the procurement and management of services for commissioning scopes of work including but not limited to vendor management, management of mechanical cleaning and related specialist contracts. Our capability and experience also covers commissioning spares management.

We have worked extensively with major Tier 1 Oil and Gas operators as part of the management group executing the completions and commissioning scope, where Kentech have coordinated between the main construction contractor and the site commissioning teams. These projects have required Kentech to be fully embedded in the management team to steward the commissioning work scope.

Our management on a PMC basis has also included the oversight and responsibility for manpower logistics including visa management, camp and travel and temporary facilities installation.

 Our mechanism to provide expert commissioning guidance is based on working intimately with technical engineering and operations working groups within the PMC structure.

We have provided support to bring specialized skills and knowledge to assist our clients in best practice in project execution on large and complex projects over the past 25 years.. Kentech have provided oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.

Kentech have the expertise to guide and advise the critical elements toward stewarding and managing a project through to the successful start-up of a project. Through each phase of a project from FEED to start up, we can ensure effective project management oversight. 

Kentech bring greater schedule certainty and reduce the risk and cost of rework in the field through our trademarked CommissionabilityTM process which we utilize to ensure effective oversight of mechanical completion/construction as well as effective quality management.

  • Project management & technical secondment

HOW: Provision of high caliber technical personnel to support clients in project delivery in both a construction and commissioning environment

WHY: Kentech have the capacity to retain top industry talent through our Centre of Excellence; Extensive network and database of personnel

  • Provision of site supervision

HOW: Site level support with experience and project management expertise

WHY: Personnel with client experience and familiarity with client standards and processes

  • Supplementary resources

HOW: Additional project personnel mobilized at clients request

WHY: Kentech have a streamlined process for rapid mobilization of project personnel even in remote project locations

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