Specialist Technical Solutions (STS)


Kentech’s Specialist Technical Solutions (STS) offers our key clients quick and reliable solutions to technical or resourcing problems on their projects.  We provide our specialist services to key clients across the globe including completions and commissioning works, preservation management and execution, intervention contracting services supporting the acceleration or recovery of projects or simply with the secondment of project personnel to work on an integrated basis with the client.

STS services:-

  • Completions and Commissioning Services

Kentech supports the commissioning life cycle from the early stage development of the commissioning strategy and development planning, through to FAT management and on to systems completions and into the commissioning and start-up phase. Kentech has the experience to quickly mobilise specialist technical personnel for these tasks with our personnel working on an integrated basis with clients to assist with getting the plant operational and producing revenue as quickly as possible while always ensuring people's safety.

Kentech can supply Commissioning Personnel, Commissioning Planners/Schedulers, Start-Up/Commissioning Managers, Electrical Lead, Electrical Technician, Instrument Leads, Instrument Technicians, Mechanical Leads, Mechanical Technicians, Telecomm Technicians, DCS/Controls Engineers, Lead Operators, Start-Up (CRO) Control Room Operators, Safety Personnel, Permit to Work Coordinators, Training Coordinators, Inspectors, Performance Engineers, Turnover Coordinators (Client Acceptance), Warranty Engineers.

  •  Preservation

As a greater volume of works move to modular solutions, the need for comprehensive preservation solutions to protect the large equipment and material investment during the construction phase is fundamental to the success of any capital development.  Kentech, in conjunction with Cortec, the world's leading preservation product provider, offers a comprehensive solution for preservation management and implementation.  This service runs from the development of preservation strategy to detailed preservation planning, routine management and hands on execution.   

  •  Intervention & Recovery Contracting Services

As the demands of large scale global projects increase and the primary contracting plan comes under pressure due to schedule or performance challenges, Kentech offers select clients the option of providing team based resources to intervene and act as a recovery service on delayed or distressed projects.  Kentech can do this on an integrated or standalone basis, bringing people, systems and processes to bear at the most critical juncture of projects

  •  Construction & Commissioning Supervision & Support Personnel

Kentech can provide secondment of personnel for remote sites or where rapid response is required.

Kentech can supply Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen, Safety Officers, Electricians, Technicians, Rotating Equipment Technicians, Millwrights, Pipe Fitters, Certified Welders, Certified Riggers, Scaffolders, Equipment Operators.

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