Specialist Technical Solutions (STS)



We deliver reliable, consistent technical solutions in the following areas:-

Completions, Commissioning & Start Up Services

  • Development of commissioning strategy

HOW: Typically supported by an integrated management team of discipline SME’s and commissioning management personnel; Ad hoc client support; Provision of Project Management Team personnel

WHY: Reduce the amount of man-hours spent on site through advanced planning from multi-discipline subject matter experts; Identifies issues that have the capacity to impact the path of commissioning; Kentech can offer an extensive network of high caliber professionals which can be placed into Client organisations.

  • Deployment of STS CommissionabilityTM Process

HOW: A bespoke process that assesses inputs from FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Construction to identify opportunities and issues that will impact project objectives including safety, quality, cost, and schedule.

WHY: Provides an audit on the status of commissioning against best practice

  • Completing systems completions readiness reviews

HOW: SMEs who have the capability to advise and guide as well as identify critical components in the path of commissioning; Supported if required by a suite of standardized commissioning documents built on in-house commissioning toolkits

WHY: Ensures that the necessary inputs for successful commissioning are in place; Provides a full suite of documents such as check sheets / procedures

  • Development of commissioning / start up procedures

HOW: Discipline Subject Matter Experts (SME’s); User Friendly Procedural Documents

WHY: Proven methodologies for practical execution of best practice in commissioning and start up

  • Systems completions database management

HOW: Systems and Data SME’s; SCDB Admin Personnel; Suite of automated aoftware tools using API’s (Application Programming Interface)

WHY: Provides a robust interrogation of the quality of data received from EPC smart plant tools; Effective management of change enabling commissioning to plan and adapt effectively; Assures quality of data driving the schedule and execution in the field

  • Factory acceptance testing 

HOW: Planning and Attendance at FATs with commissioning interface specifically designed to advance preparation for commissioning IFAT (Integrated FAT)

WHY: Vendors are advised on the requirements for commissioning such that site activity can be reduced where possible

  • Preservation management & execution

HOW: Monitoring and  protecting equipment, ensuring the correct  operating parameters are  maintained and  accounting for  climatic   site  conditions

WHY: Equipment is maintained to enable seamless start up and operation

  • Systems completions

HOW: Ensuring that the interface with construction and engineering is embedded in the commissioning process; Review systems completion progress in a structured manner, identifying issues such as material procurement, deficiency, punch list clearing activity and sequence of schedule

WHY: The commissioning group critical path priorities are highlighted and driven to completion; Facilitate the commencement of pre-commissioning and commissioning activity in the most efficient manner

  • Provision of multidiscipline commissioning technicians

HOW: High caliber personnel with extensive commissioning background; Training and Development programs

WHY: Highly skilled resources with the ability to address the dynamic nature of field commissioning activity

  • Commissioning work pack preparation

HOW: Advanced planning and 3D modelling incorporated into detailed work packs

WHY: Improving field productivity; Reducing documentation in the field

  • Static & dynamic commissioning works

HOW: Procedural driven execution and standardization of deliverable templates; Detailed procedures written by STS Functional SME’s detailing the steps to execute dynamic commissioning and introducing fluids into the commissioned systems

WHY: Best practice in commissioning activity through predesigned commission toolkits enabling more efficient site execution

  • Start up support

HOW: SME’s with extensive plant start up experience; Skilled resources with vendor and operator levels of experience

WHY: Provides the client with confidence in readiness for operations; Educates the plant operators on the optimum operating parameters and fault finding methodologies

Project Management Support Services

  • Project management & technical secondment

HOW: Provision of high caliber technical personnel to support clients in project delivery in both a construction and commissioning environment

WHY: Kentech have the capacity to retain top industry talent through our Centre of Excellence; Extensive network and database of personnel

  • Provision of site supervision

HOW: Site level support with experience and project management expertise

WHY: Personnel with client experience and familiarity with client standards and processes

  • Supplementary resources

HOW: Additional project personnel mobilized at clients request

WHY: Kentech have a streamlined process for rapid mobilization of project personnel even in remote project locations

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