Key Features

Karabatan Field, Kashagan Development, Kazakhstan

Agip KCO

12 months


Specialist COMPEX electro-technical inspections


Kentech Kazakhstan in partnership with Dietsmann were awarded a scope of work at the onshore oil and gas facility as part of the Kasahagan Experiential Field Development at Karabatan, Eskene West. The onshore facility at Karabatan is located in one of the harshest environments on the planet where summer temperatures can exceed +50 C and can be as low as -45C in the winter on a daily basis.

Kentech \ Dietsmann’s scope of work included carrying out an inspection of all Ex rated equipment that will meet ATEX International Standards within the Power Generation Plant (PGP)and the Karabatan Utilities Area (KUT) of the plant. The scope of this contract represents just a small fraction of the overall size of the facility where Kentech also delivered construction and commissioning activities.

Our work includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring all Ex Equipment located in Hazardous Areas Zones 0,1 and 2 meet all international directives set out by ATEX International Standards.
  • A creation of an up to date Ex Register for both PGP and KUT areas of the facility.
  • Making rectifications to any equipment found to be falling short of the standards.
  • De-classifying any equipment that is located in safe areas of both the PGP and KUT and creating a relevant register.
  • Red lining all existing drawings on existing systems within both areas.
  • Building numerous detailed work-packs for sub areas within each area.

All Kentech personnel on this project were Compex approved with many years’ experience within the oil and gas industry. All staff were PTW trained and were subject to ongoing training for the duration of the project at the request of AGIP KCO. All locally hired technicians were subject to numerous training courses including an intensive 4 day course on the Ex standards subject to the ROK regulations. 

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