Key Features

Western Kazakhstan

TengizChevroil (TCO)

2004 - Ongoing

TengizChevroil (TCO) and Parsons Fluor Daniel (PFD)

Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication services


The Tengiz field was discovered in 1979 and in 1993 TCO acquired this field. With high quality, recoverable oil reserves of over 6 billion barrels and 18 BCM of gas, Tengiz is one of the largest fields in the world.

With the remote location of the field and the harsh climatic conditions and limited infrastructure, Kentech’s local experience has been a critical element to our success in this region.

Kentech is involved in a number of projects at Tengiz, these projects include:

  • Procurement and construction of key mechanical/HVAC aspects at the SGI (Sour Gas Injection) facility.
  • Establishment of a Kazakh certified instrumentation calibration laboratory, and electrical and instrumentation services for East and West Tengiz and the Korlev field.
  • Provision of electrical services throughout the facility.

In 2008 Kentech undertook the following projects directly for TCO:

  • Electrical and instrumentation installation on the Crude Tank Farm
  • Electrical and instrumentation installation for the Gas Utilisation Project firstly on the Vent Gas Recovery (first stage) and the Unit 800 (second stage).

At the beginning of 2010 Kentech was awarded a shutdown contract by TCO on the SGI and SGP.

Our support to TCO has continued over the years and in 2012 we provided them with commissioning and start-up support services on the Sulphur Expansion Project.

To date Kentech has successfully completed over 6,000,000 manhours on the Tengiz field. Kentech is committed to working closely with the Kazakh community in the area and to date has achieved over 95% Kazakh content on the Tengiz projects.

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