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4th Feb, 2020  |  Safety News outstanding year for safety

2019 realised a marked step change in how we strategically tackled our HSSEQ function.  Across the group we moved from a command control, retrospective focus to a proactive, lead indicator driven, intervention approach. Through implementing this change, our project teams were empowered to identify and target key trends relating directly to their scope of work. We embraced a partnering philosophy with both our internal and external clients and sub-contractors, which saw improved collaboration across our stakeholders and established us as leaders, not followers, in the HSSEQ category with our key clients. In 2019 Kentech completed 7.5 million manhours across the globe. 0.5 million hours less than 2018, however our projects are growing in complexity and geographical challenges. Execution excellence was achieved in our environmental performance with not only zero recordable events, but the successful roll out of a number of new initiatives both in our offices and on our project sites, reducing our environmental impact and increasing our local community involvement. The Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for 2019 was 0.4 for every million hours worked (IOGP) or 0.08 for 200,000 hours (OSHA), half that of the previous year and our best performance in the past 4 years. Further, this result validates strong performance against our competitors when measured against IOGP safety performance indicators of 0.99 for every million hours worked. A catalyst for continued success in 2020 will be our courage to lean into these new models, building on the foundations established in 2019.  We will strengthen our position with our key clients as leaders in the HSSEQ environment.  We will deliver our vision and commitment to be true partners, developing also a deeper collaboration with our subcontractors and sharing our outstanding culture and capabilities.

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10th Jul, 2019  |  Safety News

Kentech jumps ahead of the curve with ISO 45001 accreditation

We are delighted to announce, we have made the positive move to migrate to the new ISO 45001 for OHS Standard, being one of the first in our industry to achieve the full suite of ISO standards in Quality, OHS and Environment. In a firm demonstration of our commitment to safe, healthy and sustainable project execution, the move to ISO 45001 increases our organisational resilience through proactive risk prevention.  Although Kentech have always operated an Integrated Management System (IMS), this brings the three standards under one global system, strengthening our legal and regulatory compliance. Although launched in 2018, this standard will not become mandatory until 2021.  We recognised early that by migrating to this new standard, it allows us to align and integrate the ISO standards into a holistic management system which is world class.  This system will help us to deliver our ZeroIn promises and is a great demonstration of our K2 mind set of leading not following.

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9th Apr, 2019  |  General News

Kentech's Environmental Warrior

This is the face of a true environmental warrior – and one of our very own.  This is Derek’s story. “Back in the 1990’s a crew of us sailed to a very remote island in Papua New Guinea.  We anchored offshore so as not to frighten the islanders who had not had much contact with white people. Over 30 manmade, dug out canoes came out to investigate - only one person in that crew of natives had ever seen a white person before. We got to know them a little and it soon became clear that they were facing life and death issues with a lack of drinking water due to little to no rainfall for two years.  It was a heart-breaking scene and one that we couldn’t turn away from so we looked around for ways to help. We were lucky to be on a large yacht that had a desalination plant so we could drink transformed sea water. After a few days of transferring fresh water to the dug out canoes we went ashore. Now, the second part to this story is that on the windward side of the island, there was about a mile of beach that was around a metre deep in plastic waste that had moved across the Pacific. The sight of it made me sick to my stomach and ashamed of a global society that allows this to happen.  But then an idea formed in my engineer’s brain.  I set about making a solar still from the plastic bottles. We brought various bottles and containers back to the village and experimented with different configurations. After a few attempts, we managed to transform sea water at the rate of one egg cup per plastic bottle. A success. The next two days were spent bringing more bottles back and setting them up. So much of our non-biodegradable waste is clogging our waterways and killing our marine life, well this time we found a way to use it to keep people alive. It was a fantastic display of a group of people coming together to save the lives of a community that desperately needed our help. After my experience in Papua New Guinea, I now refuse to use plastic bags when they give me one in a shop. Just one bag a day saved since that day adds up to almost 7,000 bags less being used. I’m also proud to be part of a company that is committed to doing it’s part to drive down the reliance on single use plastics across its global locations.  However, I urge each and every one of my Kentech family members, and anyone else who’s taken the time to read my story, to think about how they might be contributing to the plastic waste epidemic and what they can do about it. Small steps taken by many is called a movement and movements change the world.  We can all play our part. We all know how to pick up garbage, anyone can do it.  We all know how to dispose of it.  We know how to recycle. Because plastic wasn’t invented until the late 19th century, and production really only took off around 1950, we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of the stuff to deal with. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons have become waste. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to a recycling bin—a figure that stunned the scientists who crunched the numbers in 2017 (source: National Geographic) Let’s all take the pledge to choose our planet over plastic. Let’s start a movement. Reduce, reuse, recycle.”

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1st Apr, 2019  |  Safety News

Kentech Zero's In on Environmental Stewardship

2019 for Kentech is about “Zero In", moving our focus and ensuring we are authentic about how we make an impact with our actions. HSE “Health Safety & Environment”, far too often the E becomes silent in HSE. This quarter, which starts today, is about bringing the “Zero In” energy to the focus of the environment and collectively recharging the ambition of Kentech to be leaders in Environmental stewardship. As Earth Hour rolled around the globe this past weekend, thousands of landmarks switched off their lights in solidarity for our planet. Through the global appeal of the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, hashtag#EarthHour, hashtag#Connect2Earth and related hashtags trended in 26 countries as people across the globe generated over 2 billion impressions to show their concern for nature. Individuals pledged their support for the planet, challenging world leaders to push the preservation of nature up the global agenda. This quarter, Kentech will bring the stories from our individuals and teams that demonstrate their passion and commitment to Environmental Stewardship. What steps are you taking to preserve this beautiful planet for the generations to come?

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