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27th Sep, 2018  |  General News

Kentech Launches 'An Engine for Growth'

Kentech has exciting growth plans and in this article, Sarah Kent gives us an insight into what this means and the first steps we are taking along this journey:-   "I am delighted to be sharing with you the exciting news about Kentech’s “Engine for Growth”. Building on our record 2017 in terms of HSE performance, revenue and EBITDA and continuing to grow despite the difficult market conditions, Kentech is now ready to inject further pace into our ambitious growth profile.  We are radically changing how the business is organised so that we can bring our three globally recognised Service Lines (Specialist Technical Solutions STS, Construction & Hook-Up CHU, and Turnaround Maintenance & Modifications TMM) to our Key Clients in every corner of the globe. We are moving to a service line structure where we integrate our Business Development into each of our Global Service Lines under the leadership of John Gilley as our Chief Operating Officer. Having worked with John for over a decade, I know that he is excited about leading the growth of the business through our people and the strong project delivery that we achieve as a result of collaboration and K2 . John is going to have more news to share on the appointments within his team over the coming weeks. To help further accelerate our plans, we are creating a new role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) which will ensure that we are staying ahead of the market, working on entries to new markets and establishing strategic client and partner relationships. We will be expanding our capabilities through partnering and acquisitions and these will be an important part of this role. We have all seen how much digitisation has impacted our everyday work and home lives and the pace of change just seems to get faster. We are a young, spirited company and we are in the fortunate position where we can spend time and energy on leading this change. John Kent will be taking up this stimulating role and with his wealth of industry knowledge, wide business perspective and depth of thinking, he has the broad skillset required for this role. These are really exciting times for Kentech and I can feel the energy and creativity that are being sparked throughout the team. I wish both John Gilley and John Kent every success in their new appointments."

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