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5th Jul, 2019  |  General News

Kentech Group steps up Engine for Growth, partnering with Oracle for a global roll out of ERP Cloud

Kentech Group continues to enable it’s expansion plans by partnering with Oracle and signing a Global ERP Cloud deal.   Kentech is celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary and 100 year heritage with the consolidation and migration of it’s existing on premise ERP solutions to Oracle ERP Cloud.  Kentech Group are rolling out Oracle Financials, Purchasing,  Inventory Management and Sourcing in the first phase, followed by Project Contract Billing, Time and Labour for Projects, and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting. Kentech are a $300M Global Oil and Energy engineering business, rapidly growing with plans to hit $500m in 2021 and $1Bn by 2025.   Kentech recently moved to a new Group Headquarters in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE.  With approximately 4500 staff, Kentech Group works around the world with National Oil Companies, International Oil Companies, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies.   The Oracle Cloud ERP deal is part of Kentech’s Digital Transformation programme.

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3rd Jul, 2019  |  General News

2018 Financial Results Give Second Successive Year of Record Profitability

It is now almost a year since we launched our Engine for Growth (EfG) programme, the delivery mechanism to grow to a $500m business by 2021 and set us on a trajectory to achieve $1b by 2025. Since the announcement of our EfG, we have evolved the business into three best in class services of specialist projects, commissioning and maintenance services to the energy industry. We pride ourselves on our trusted relationships, excellence in delivery and global agility, all delivered through the power of our exceptional people and personal touch. We are now delighted to announce that our year end results for 2018 have given us a second successive year of record profitability. Reported revenue for the year ended 31 December 2018 is $212 million (2017: $234 million). The Group recorded a net profit of $9.3 million (2017: $3.9 million) and adjusted EBITDA, a key metric for the performance of the business, of $17.8 million (2017: $17.6 million). With our strong balance sheet, no net debt and a record pipeline of opportunities, we are beginning to see the results of our strategic intent through the delivery of our EfG. With the proven operational capability and strength in safety performance that we have built through our people and systems, our focus has taken a fundamental shift to be much more externally focused and aligned with our clients, who come to Kentech for the quality of service we provide. Shifting to our service line structure comes with a commitment to our key clients to deliver our best in class services, wherever in the world they need us the most.

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19th Jun, 2019  |  General News

Kentech Expands China Operations

We believe local content — the added economic and social value brought to a host nation through our execution philosophy — provides shared value to Kentech and to local communities. To integrate local content into overall project planning and execution, we believe in thinking globally and acting locally. As we continue to widen our global presence, we have been taking steps over the last few months to expand our operations in China. Thanks to lots of hard work done by Jason Miao, we have now signed and renewed multiple long term agreements with Chinese local partners to support our China expansion strategy. We will bring you more updates on this over the coming months.

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16th Apr, 2019  |  General News

Kentech Establishes Strategic Partnership with Ahtna Solutions LLC, Alaska

Kentech has entered into a strategic partnership with Ahtna Solutions LLC, an Alaska Native Regional Corporation subsidiary, to support our investment in the region and establish Kentech as a contributor to the economy of Alaska. This philosophy stems from what has always been Kentech’s commitment across the globe… we employ local people and engage in local partnerships wherever we operate. Our track record of successfully developing these relationships is widely evidenced in the success we have achieved with indigenous companies in the likes of Australia and in Kazakhstan where Kentech has over 86% local employees. Ahtna Solutions is based in Anchorage, Alaska and along with its sister companies, has local offices and warehouses. The Ahtna family of companies employ 330 staff in Alaska and over 1,300 worldwide.  Ahtna’s staff have experience working with Alaska’s leaders in the oil and gas industries including the following: BP Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Shell Exploration & Production Company ExxonMobil Alaska LNG Project Hilcorp ConocoPhillips This partnership brings a shared commitment to delivering a unique value proposition to the North Slope. We will bring the extensive global experience and best practice driven commissioning solutions of Kentech together with the existing construction, logistical knowledge, local relationships and experience of Ahtna Solutions. We genuinely believe that combining these unique attributes will bring a more cost effective, technologically differentiated and value-added offering to our clients in Alaska. Our partnership will enable Kentech and Ahtna Solutions to provide support services which will deepen existing relationships in the community, build the capability and skill set of the local workforce and strengthen the overall economic development of the region.  As a team, we are committed to delivering a lasting legacy in Alaska, where local content is more than simply a good business decision but one which makes a meaningful and lasting contribution to Alaska. Kentech was impressed by the depth of expertise across sectors within the Ahtna family of companies and in particular their commitment to the environment, quality and safety. Values such as this make Ahtna Solutions the perfect company for Kentech to partner with.

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9th Apr, 2019  |  General News

Kentech's Environmental Warrior

This is the face of a true environmental warrior – and one of our very own.  This is Derek’s story. “Back in the 1990’s a crew of us sailed to a very remote island in Papua New Guinea.  We anchored offshore so as not to frighten the islanders who had not had much contact with white people. Over 30 manmade, dug out canoes came out to investigate - only one person in that crew of natives had ever seen a white person before. We got to know them a little and it soon became clear that they were facing life and death issues with a lack of drinking water due to little to no rainfall for two years.  It was a heart-breaking scene and one that we couldn’t turn away from so we looked around for ways to help. We were lucky to be on a large yacht that had a desalination plant so we could drink transformed sea water. After a few days of transferring fresh water to the dug out canoes we went ashore. Now, the second part to this story is that on the windward side of the island, there was about a mile of beach that was around a metre deep in plastic waste that had moved across the Pacific. The sight of it made me sick to my stomach and ashamed of a global society that allows this to happen.  But then an idea formed in my engineer’s brain.  I set about making a solar still from the plastic bottles. We brought various bottles and containers back to the village and experimented with different configurations. After a few attempts, we managed to transform sea water at the rate of one egg cup per plastic bottle. A success. The next two days were spent bringing more bottles back and setting them up. So much of our non-biodegradable waste is clogging our waterways and killing our marine life, well this time we found a way to use it to keep people alive. It was a fantastic display of a group of people coming together to save the lives of a community that desperately needed our help. After my experience in Papua New Guinea, I now refuse to use plastic bags when they give me one in a shop. Just one bag a day saved since that day adds up to almost 7,000 bags less being used. I’m also proud to be part of a company that is committed to doing it’s part to drive down the reliance on single use plastics across its global locations.  However, I urge each and every one of my Kentech family members, and anyone else who’s taken the time to read my story, to think about how they might be contributing to the plastic waste epidemic and what they can do about it. Small steps taken by many is called a movement and movements change the world.  We can all play our part. We all know how to pick up garbage, anyone can do it.  We all know how to dispose of it.  We know how to recycle. Because plastic wasn’t invented until the late 19th century, and production really only took off around 1950, we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of the stuff to deal with. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons have become waste. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to a recycling bin—a figure that stunned the scientists who crunched the numbers in 2017 (source: National Geographic) Let’s all take the pledge to choose our planet over plastic. Let’s start a movement. Reduce, reuse, recycle.”

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