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7th Mar, 2019  |  General News

International Women's Day Celebrations - Namilya Yergalieva

My name is Namilya from Kazakhstan and I have a 10 year old son who is my world. 

I work in the field of HSE for Kentech as their IIF Coordinator on the Tengiz plant.  The heart of IIF is about caring for each other, and this is why I feel like this role suits my personality down to ground.  I care about people and I want my teammates to be safe, healthy and happy.  I love that I get to do a job everyday that is all about bringing out the best in people, celebrating their achievements and driving positive change in the way we all think about how we work on a daily basis.

I do work in a male dominated environment and I won’t lie, at times it did feel pretty strange at first.  But in no other aspect of my life have I ever seen gender imbalances, so I quickly got past that flash of internal dialogue in my head and got on with the task of integrating myself in to the team, just like you would any other. 

I can honestly say I have been welcomed with open arms into this wonderful Kentech family, my second family as I call them.  I have received nothing but support and respect from my peers and managers, who have guided me and mentored me to succeed in my work and for that I am truly grateful.  They never saw any issue with the fact that I am a woman and why should they? If anything, my nurturing nature makes me better at my job.

I feel so proud that I am playing my part in delivering our ‘We Are Family’ culture so that all my colleagues return home safely and am confident that in return my colleagues keep me safe so I can return home to my son.

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