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7th Feb, 2018  |  Safety News

Kentech Celebrate 2017 Safety Achievements

The employees of Kentech are proud and delighted to announce and celebrate 2017’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.131.  In reality this meant executing over 9 million manhours across all of our international operations without seriously hurting anyone.

Throughout the year, our personnel travelled 4.4 million kilometres on business related road journeys, which is equivalent to driving 110 times around the circumference of the world and were not responsible for any major vehicle accidents.

Across the group, we carried out the following Risk Management Processes on our sites:


  • 49,447 Risk Assessments
  • 264,323 Last Minute Risk Assessments (Take 5)
  • 9,600 Site Safety Inspections
  • 4,127 Behavioural Audits
  • 631,960 Daily Tool Box Talks
  • 53,117 Manpower Training Courses


The diligence of the project teams in maintaining very high standards of risk management on site was considered the principal contributor to our excellent 2017 safety performance.

John Gilley, COO, commented “I cannot begin to express how proud I am of our worldwide workforce in this achievement.  The passion for safety on a very personal level on our sites is palpable.  We are like-minded and you are an exceptional group of people to work for, and with.  We will not rest until we see the day that we flatline this TRIR curve at zero accidents.  We will use our KJourney to help us interact differently, work differently, keep our heads in the game and specifically for 2018 we widen the HSE conversation to outside the workplace with our “WE ARE FAMILY” HSE Campaign.  I look forward to working with you all again in 2018 on the next phase of our HSE Journey together.” 

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